About Us


NetWorth Biz Alliance Pte. Ltd (NBA) was founded in 2019 after a diverse group of entrepreneurs from Singapore and Malaysia ventured into China to leverage on the Belt and Road Initiative. The objective is to enable entrepreneurs to collaborate with each other to overcome obstacles with their strong expertise in various areas. This complements China’s growing demand for a higher quality of living and enhanced amenities.

Our network of corporate partners can also benefit from shared resources to catalyse business growth. NBA aims to facilitate this through consulting, training, coaching and networking. Thus, together with and through NBA, we have a higher potential to accelerate economic growth across the China-ASEAN countries.


To be the gateway for regional entrepreneurs into China-ASEAN countries.


To help entrepreneurs optimize the opportunities for effective collaboration, to leverage on our resources and to form win-win-win partnerships through our alliance.


To support enterprises to participate in regional cooperations.

To achieve higher potential economic growth across the China-ASEAN countries.

Our Achievements

Our China-ASEAN Trade Expo 2018

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